How to enforce a quote style on HTML attributes in an ERB file using erb-lint

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erb-lint is a popular linter for ERB files. It comes with a set of great lint rules built-in, and it's extensible.

However, one thing it lacks is the ability to enforce a particular quote style on your HTML attributes.

Note: We are not talking about the quote style used in the Ruby code embedded in ERB. For those, you can already configure erb-lint with RuboCop, and it will read your RuboCop rules and enforce the quote style for the Ruby code inside your ERB file.

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To enforce a particular style on HTML attributes, we just need to add a simple custom linter:

First, define your custom linter in .erb-linters/quotes_in_html_attributes.rb:

module ERBLint
  module Linters
    class QuotesInHtmlAttributes < Linter
      include LinterRegistry

      class ConfigSchema < LinterConfig
        property :enforced_quote_style, converts: :to_sym, accepts: [:single, :double], default: :double
      self.config_schema = ConfigSchema

      def run(processed_source)
        parser = processed_source.parser
        parser.nodes_with_type(:tag).each do |tag_node|
          tag = BetterHtml::Tree::Tag.from_node(tag_node)
          next if tag.closing?

          tag.attributes.each do |attribute|
            quote = attribute.value_node&.children&.first
            next unless quote&.type == :quote

            # Quote is a BetterHtml::AST::Node at this point = s(:quote, "'")
            quote = quote.children.first

            # Quote is now either ' || "
            quote_style = quote == "'" ? :single : :double
            next if quote_style == @config.enforced_quote_style

              "Use #{@config.enforced_quote_style} quotes for HTML attributes",

      def autocorrect(_processed_source, offense)
        lambda do |corrector|
          new_quote = @config.enforced_quote_style == :single ? "'" : '"'
          new_source = offense.source_range.source.gsub(/^\s*['"]/, new_quote).gsub(/['"]\s*$/, new_quote)
          corrector.replace(offense.source_range, new_source)

Then, enable this linter in your .erb-lint.yml:

    enforced_quote_style: double
    enabled: true

If you prefer single quotes, simply use enforced_quote_style: single in your configuration.

This custom linter is capable of linting erb-lint filename.html.erb as well as auto-correcting erb-lint -a filename.html.erb.

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