Hello !

I am a full stack developer (who likes Ruby and JavaScript). I've got extensive experience with Rails & React, and have also worked on a couple of Flask, Express, Django projects.

I am available for hire. I've got experience with frameworks like Rails, React, React Native, TailwindCSS. If you've got a project in mind, feel free to contact me via email (at the bottom).

I like to work on interesting computer projects all the time, and also participating in hackathons from time to time. I have also created a few open source Ruby libraries like ds18b20 & rss_watcher.

I've released a free UI library that contains many React based prebuilt landing pages, and other components used for building UI pages. Check it out - Treact

I have completed an internship at a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company - TIAA - where I, along with 2 of my amazing teammates developed an automation solution for their customer onboarding process.

I have also done a few freelancing projects like CodeHash (a competitive programming platform for institutes) & a crypto currency trading bot.

When I am not busy programming, I like to watch a lot (READ: A LOT) of movies, TV series and listen to some amazing music.

Email: [email protected]Design Inspired by adamwathan.me