Tabler Icons includes over 4950+ beautiful icons. Learn how to use any icon from that huge set in a Rails app using a simple gem.
Slow requests in development are painful. They lead to slower feedback loops and decrease productivity. If you are working on a big Rails app, and you're encountering slow requests, especially after you make a change, there might be a simple way to make things fast
Learn how to automatically load stimulus controllers from your rails app but only if they are required on a page. We'll handle loading them in a way that they're already in the head tag when the page is rendered. Especially useful for huge apps with tons of controllers.
Preflex allows you to manage preferences like user settings/feature flags/etc. with ease. Just install the gem, define preferences and use it. Also has support for reading/writing values from the client-side using JavaScript.
Use a custom linter to enforce a particular single/double quotes on your *.html.erb files (with auto-correction) using erb-lint.
Treact is a set of free React Components & Templates for building landing/marketing pages. Learn how you can configure your React App to use these components.
A free template starter pack built with React, TailwindCSS using twin.macro and styled-components with 52 component blocks, 7 prebuilt landing pages and 8 inner pages.
Spun content is content that is computer generated by replacing words of human written articles with their synonyms. This articles describes how to detect and classify content as spun/meaningless using a simple n-gram analysis technique.